One of my goals as a school librarian is the cultivate, promote, model, etc. life-long learning.  Another aspect of my job is to push information to teachers and students to assist them in their pursuit of teaching and learning.  Currently, I am entering my 10th year as a school library media specialist and have changed my media center into an academic learning center, where these goals have turned into a role I take in the school.  For three years now, I’ve worked at establishing this as my role and part of the purpose of the school library at Rock Springs High School.  Now I’ve decided to take this into more of a public forum and spread my learning to others.  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I came over to your blog after reading the RSHS online newspaper. My daughter was born in Rock Springs. We lived in Green River for awhile. In fact, my work in progress begins in Green River, Wyoming. Thanks for connecting with me through twitter!

  2. I’m a schoolteacher from a small town in Idaho. When our school lost its counselor due to budget cuts, I started a safe website where kids could ask the kinds of friendship/ family/ college/ career questions they would normally ask our counselor. The site has been a hit with our students, so I’ve decided to let other schools know about it as well.

    I’m going to send you some bookmarks via snail mail, to RSHS, to let your students know about my site as well. And I see that your blog promotes sites like this also. Would you consider adding a link to chellywood.com in your next blog post?

    Thanks! 🙂

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