Friday Food for Thought

“The pitcher tried to teach the glass by pouring a great gush of water upon it. Some water landed in the glass, but most of it splashed upon the table. The moral of the story is that learning is not about what is pured from the pitcher, but what lands in the glass. Unleashing a huge volume of water from the pitcher does not fill the glass better than carefully pouring a small stream into it: “It is not how much the instructor covers in class that determins how much students learn” (Gray and Madson 2007, 85). It is possible to meet academic and accreditation requirements, empower students, and achieve learning at the same time” (Gibson, 2011, p. 96).

What a powerful statement! A great moral tale for demonstrating the need for the teacher to not just be a  purveyor of knowledge but a guide to learning.


Gibson, L. 2011. Student-directed learning: An exercise in student engagement. College Teaching 59: 95-101.

Gray, T., & Madson, L. 2007. Ten easy ways to engage your students. College Teaching 55(2): 83-7.


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