3 for Thursday, January 15, 2015

Communication has been a goal of mine since I started working in the school library. I’ve tried various means to get information out to my staff: weekly newsletters, monthly newsletters, brochures, blogging, etc. It all seems to be too much or end up being too long or I didn’t have enough time to complete or since it was only monthly, it was forgotten about. So I decided to condense what I send to them into an idea called “3 for Thursday.” In this short email, I will give them 3 items, either a website, database, app/web tool, reading, video, or any other resource I want to share with them. My goal is to customize it for each department and then to post one on this blog. The email will be brief so they can glance at it quickly. This first one is going to be generic so that I can see how it will be perceived. I am also collecting all of the items I send out onto a LibGuide for them to reference back when needed. So without further ado…

3 for Thursday


Learn It In 5

        Want to learn to use Google, Twitter, or TEDed in your classroom? Then this website is for you! Learn It in 5 provides brief video tutorials to assist teachers in integrating technology into the classroom. Great resource to quickly learn about technology’s role in the classroom.

Database: (These databases are provided free of charge to Wyoming citizens)

General One File (GALE)

        General One File brings tons of information to the everyday user. A great place to get information on just about any topic.


Kelly McGonigal: How to make stress your friend (TED)

        In this talk, Kelly McGonigal (health psychologist) suggest that stress negatively impacts us if we letting. By changing our attitude toward stress in our lives, we can change the way it affects our lives.