Friday “Food” for Thought

Found this article today via my Twitter feed: “Forget Pre-K American High Schools are a Disaster.

The author hit home on this one and many teachers will probably balk and complain about what he says. I know he nailed what I have been frustrated with for the past 5 years in the high school that I work in. This collective “we” I am talking about in the following sentences is really the building I work in. In reading the article, I might find we are not a solitary incident. What the author is getting at is the fact that high school staff doesn’t expect as much from our high school students as we should and that is why they are not college or career ready. We are so worried about content at the high school level that we have forgotten about the skills. Subsequently, we surface skim everything and have no depth. High school students are not responsible because we have not made them responsible. They are not engaged because we spoon feed the content thinking they are getting it but then find out they are not. Walk into most high schools and you will see how content is delivered and how instruction works is the same as 40 years ago. Some high school have made the switch, but even then it is in how content is delivered and the level of responsibility given to the students. If we want different results, we can’t expect things to remain the same. 



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