Friday Food for Thought

It has been a while since I have written…life gets in the way. However, I can’t go any longer without at least putting some thoughts down in writing.

Food #1:

I got this great quote from Ginger Lewman’s blog:

Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners.” ~ John Holt

If educators ever needed a reason to go to a more student-centered approach to teaching, this would be it. If politicians need a reason to back off on teacher evaluation based on student test scores, this would be it. If society needs a reason to push its children to take a more vested interest in their education, this would be it.

Food #2:

FDA will require the food industry to phase out trans fats (ABC News). This has a good side and a bad side to me. Good side, someone is taking a stand and saying to stop a harmful substance from being in our food. Bad side, it is something that has to be legislated instead of the food industry saying they will give it up because it is bad for humans. It is similar to an article I read recently about Hollywood being “hypersexed” (USA Today). It isn’t Hollywood that is stepping up and saying this is a problem but rather individuals pointing out this is potentially a problem. When is our society going to start policing itself and having some boundaries again rather than letting problems such as these arise all for the sake of greed?


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