Friday “Food 4 Thought”

iPad mini
iPad mini (Photo credit: patrick-allen)

For those who may have missed last Friday’s post, I am once again highlighting posts or quotes form posts that sparked an idea (“Brain Bite”) that may or may not become a full blog post. So onto this week’s Friday “Food”:

Brain Bite #1

Mr. Kapptie blogged about “The Technology Revolution” over on Our Children are Calling. In this post, he contemplates the idea the term “revolution” in relation to educational technology isn’t correct, that it is more like guerrilla warfare. He explains:

“So let’s think about the gorilla methodology.   Attack at random times to try to cause chaos and inflict as much damage as we can.  Computers, projectors, Laptops, Internet, Elmo, Smart/Interactive boards, Ipods, Cell Phones, Ipads, Chromebooks, Kindle, pad mini….and the ammunition list could be much more detailed but I think we start to see.  The next wave always put schools behind and teachers left trying to get caught up.”

In some ways, I totally agree with him. There is always some new gadget or website, new laptop or eReader that comes on the market seems that someone is blogging about it or trying it out. I think that teachers need to not give in to every new thing and try to always integrate into their teaching. Educators need to use technology in an integrated fashion, not just because it is the latest and greatest.

Brain Bite #2

Recently CNN, posted an interview about writer Paul Miller  (Disconnected: My year without the Internet) who took a year hiatus from the internet. The very first line caught my attention, causing me to want to read more: “We are using the Internet wrong. Smartphones turn people into horrible listeners. And cat videos aren’t as riveting as we think they are.” I read this after I did a webinar Wednesday on Digital Citizenship and one the items I highlighted was the need to know when to unplug, to limit our use of technology and not lose sight of reality. More than ever, I think this is true and we need to teach our children that it is ok to take a break and to not always have the cell phone at the ready, just in case. Yet, it is amazing how attached we become to our gadgets and how technology can become integrated into our lives to a point that we are really lost sometimes without it. How did that happen?

Brain Bite #3

The idea of a “Little Free Library” in the neighborhood seems to be a slam on a traditional library. After all, books are free there as well and most public library have become fine free places. If communities are closing down libraries because they see them only as book repositories and not community learning centers, then why are these “Little Free Libraries” popping up. Maybe those closing library doors should take a hint…

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