Review: Out of The Easy

Out of The Easy
Out of The Easy by Ruta Sepetys
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

New Orleans in 1950 is a cauldron of crime, sophistication, and secrets. Eight years ago, Josie Moraine’s mother brought her to the city’s French Quarter to resume her former work as a prostitute in the brothel owned by Willie Woodley. Now seventeen, Josie has made a life for herself, working and living in a bookshop owned by famous author, Charles Marlowe, and cleaning up Willie’s brothel in the morning’s after business has concluded. But she has higher plans and dreams that will take her out of the the crime-ridden French Quarter. However, when the sudden death of a former football star occurs shortly after Josie sells him two books, her world is turned upside down and the plans she had could all go up in smoke.

I really enjoyed reading this book for its writing style and characterization. I had not read Sepetys’s other book, Between Shade of Gray (but I am now), and so was pleasantly surprised by her writing style and the pace at which the story moved along. Sepetys’s characterization also made me like this book. Josie is a very lovable character and I can see many teens relating to her struggles of trying to get away from home after high school. Moreover, one really gets to see the workings of her mind and realize how young she is when making many of the decisions she makes throughout the story. Willie Woodley’s tough love really helped shape Josie and I love the way the author makes her Josie’s conscience, despite being a brothel owner. A tantalizing juxtaposition!

One of the things that disappointed me about the book was the ending. I really felt that Sepetys’s ended the book rather quickly either trying to leave room for a sequel or not wanting to write any more. I’m hoping it’s the former and not the latter because I enjoyed this book very much and would love to see what happens to the rest of Josie’s life.

I highly recommend reading, Out of the Easy. Enjoy!

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