Review: Tomorrow’s Guardian

Tomorrow's Guardian
Tomorrow’s Guardian by Richard Denning

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

[bc:Tomorrow’s Guardian|8434328|Tomorrow’s Guardian (Hourglass Institute, #1)|Richard Denning||13297820]

I had a really hard time getting into this story. The writing was fine and the premise was a cool idea but it just moved too slow. I was about halfway through the book and basically still couldn’t get the total geist of what the group was all about. The plot just kept repeating itself over and over again with no new clues to get the reader guessing as to the whole point of time traveling back to rescue certain individuals.

I did like the idea that the young boy dreamed about the individuals first and then ended up going back and rescuing the people, but to what avail?

Maybe if I had a little more perseverance, I could have gotten through to the end to find out what was happening. Unfortunately, I have so little time to read, I want something that keeps my attention.

Overall, I will still probably recommend this to readers but will have to be very selective in exactly who as I wouldn’t give it to someone who doesn’t read much or to someone who needs high interest books to even get them to read.

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