VocabGrabber by Visual Thesaurus

VocabGrabber (http://www.visualthesaurus.com/vocabgrabber/) is a great free resource from the makers of Visual Thesaurus.  This tool breaks down text into various vocabulary words, making the more frequent words appear in a larger text and color-coding words based on subject.  Users can filter texts by the specific subject or look at the list as a whole.  Clicking on a word in the list produces a visual map of synonyms as well as a definition and examples from the text.  The list can be manipulted in various ways to assist in finding specific words or to make the list easier to manage.

As a free service, this tool can be an asset to teachers trying to find vocabulary that student may stumble on when reading an article.  Text can be “grabbed” from a website or typed in manually.  There is also a applet that can be dragged to a browser’s toolbar so it can easily be accessed without have to go to the website.  I even found that I could grab an article from a subscription database.  Users can then create a vocabulary list to share with others.  Users can subscribe for free and manage saved lists.  Enjoy!

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