A tweet about this post, “The 12 Most Genius Questions in the World,” (Thank you, Angela Maiers!) came through my Twitter stream the other morning.  I seem to be reading a great deal about questioning and motivation.  This article struck a cord right from the beginning.  When do students stop questioning and wanting to know more? What causes them to lose their curiosity and motivation to learn?  After all, asking questions is the first step in wanting to learn more and a great motivator to find out more.  Moreover, questioning can lead one to expertise or even genius status as this article postulates. 

After reading through this article, my mind immediately jumped to project based learning (PBL) and how PBL starts off with that driving question and how these could be great starters for projects.  Plus, these questions definitely take learners to a higher level on Bloom’s taxonomy.  So, along with these I’d thought I’d share a few other articles, videos, blog posts that are along these same times.  When you have time, they are definitely worth a look.

“The 12 Most Genius Questions in the World” :
Just Listen Video Series from “Fires in the Mind”:  (There are 4 areas and each have some interesting insights.)
Baby Steps: Growing Self-Directed Learners:

Feeding curiousity with food for the mind!


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