Review: Hood

Hood by Stephen R. Lawhead
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

[b:Hood|73931|Hood (King Raven, #1)|Stephen R. Lawhead||1458314]
Plot: The kingdom of Elfael has been overrun by the invading Normans, after its king is slaughtered. Bran ap Brychan, Elfael’s troublesome, tries to get control of his rightful lands, but succeeds only in placing himself in position where he must decide to abandon his people or save them through the means he has at hand.
Review: Stephen Lawhead has brought a new twist to the Robin Hood legend. I liked the way he incorporated legend with fantasy and history. One of the aspects that I truly enjoyed was that fact that Robin or Bran ap Brychan (as he is named in the book) seems more like a real man rather, someone who struggles with injustice and making the right decision.
Love it or not: liked it…wouldn’t say loved it. It was an enjoyable read and one that I would recommend to others. The book would be ok for YA crowds as well.

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