Review: Annexed

Annexed by Sharon Dogar
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I eagerly awaited reading/listening to this book. Being a lover of historical fiction, I thought this could bring an interesting perspective on the Holocaust and to story of Anne Frank and family. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. While Dogar’s writing was good, I felt the storyline dragged. Often times, Peter seemed like a whiny, little boy who couldn’t get over the turn his life had taken. Admittedly, their situation and the events surrounding the story were a living nightmare; Peter seemed more pathetic and pitiful than a survival against unspeakable odds. Now, Dogar could have used this behavior to show how events and meeting Anne and those involved with the Annex changed his life, attitude and behavior, but if so, she did so at a cost as this reader didn’t get that sense until close to the end when I had already lost interest in Peter as a character. Maybe it could have been the narrator’s monotonous tone that brought the story down; his interpretation may have led to this and that is why I didn’t completely give up on the story. Interesting read, but only if you want to read a Holocaust book without a new perspective or message.

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